​​Telesoftcare LLP is a leading Telecom technology consulting and radio frequency engineering services firm, Available for telecom network design, optimization, managed services, RF Performance engineering services and telecom IT services.

With a team of experienced RF and Software engineers having exposure to global vendors and operators network, Telesoftcare plays important role to deliver services with quality and time to it's worldwide clients.

We are based in Pune, Maharashtra, India and provide on site as well as remote support for telecom service to the worldwide networks.

Our experts have hands on work experience working with 2g,3g AT&T network in USA, expedience, WiMax-LTE network with Clearwire-Sprint USA, having exposure to Nokia-Ericsson 2g,3g equipment and Huawei-Samsung LTE equipment.

We also have in house development team to build quick tools, parsing, scripting, ETL, database management, analytics, web application and business intelligence to analyse and create KPI reporting from enormous amount of data of PM, FM, CM from live networks.